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Evolution Guide

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1Evolution Guide Empty Evolution Guide Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:52 pm

mage master

mage master
Gym leader
Gym leader
if you are having trouble evolving a certain Pokemon ask here

i.e. -
how to evolve eevee into espeon or umberon =
ensure that your eevee has max happiness and level it up,
will evolve to espeon if leveled up in the day time,
or will evolve to umberon at night time.
but be careful if you are in the eterna forest the eevee may evolve into a leafeon due to the mossy rock (cant rember proper name) or if you are on route 217 to snowpoint city the eevee may evolve to a glaceon due to the icy stone (yet again proper name escapes me Sad )

so please any evolution questions you have put them here

Evolution Guide Xmswzn

2Evolution Guide Empty Re: Evolution Guide Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:01 am

mage master

mage master
Gym leader
Gym leader
in time ill put up some of the less obvious ones (up to soul silver, etc)

ill start with golbat to crobat
this evolution is what youd call a friendship evolution, so it takes a bit of time
the golbat must have maximum happiness then level it up at night time.

the quickest way to acheive maximum happiness is to make the golbat hold the soothbell (found in pokemon mansion) as this will make it happier quicker
or use lots of carbo's, protines, etc on it untill it reaches maximum usage of them then use the soothbell to finsh off.
you could always go for the more traditional method of catching a low level zubat and training it, this is the slower method but gets the same result

once leveled up with max happiness it will evolve to a crobat

happy evolving Very Happy

Evolution Guide Xmswzn

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