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Acerbus, the city built into the sky. Its jagged buildings cut into the horizon, left towering above the mangled earth and the wires that keep it tied to the world. Guided by dusty text scavenged from the ruins that lie outside the city limits, they've reconstructed history, culture, and chaos from whatever was left of the broken and polluted earth; they continue to live, the pinnacle of progress in a corpse. Even in the wasteland, humanity flourishes.

. . . but in Acerbus' bowels, corruption runs rampant, and anarchy stirs with the introduction of a new 'drug': ALCHEMY, which gives its users superhuman abilities. The mafia, which drives the politics and has seeped into the police force, exploit the poor and the destitute that are confined to the lowermost levels of their metropolis. They terrorize their rival families through ALCHEMY, while undercover agents, Rebels, and civilians work to either hush or force back the threat.

A classic exploration of political corruption and all those trapped in-between, Acerbus beckons. It is all that is left in your crippled world now.

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