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1Dragonball Empty Dragonball on Tue May 25, 2010 7:39 pm

mage master

mage master
Gym leader
Gym leader
in order -

Dragonball z
Dragonball GT

and finaly Dragonball kai

unfortinately dragonball kai is a condensed remake of the origional dragonball z
the japanese sub titled episodes are avaiable online at the minute, however if you wist to watch them all in englisg dubbed then there is a bit more waiting for that. some of the episodes have already been dubbed and will be avaiable shortly (id asume)

if anyone would like to watch the japanese ones with subtitles i know there avaiable here - www.watch-dragonball.com

however this is the same owner of narutoget.com, and if it is anything to go by some of the episodes wont work. as i have noticed that the majority of english dubbed naruto episodes are not avaiable (regardless of how many i reported not working Evil or Very Mad )
some of the dragonball episodes are also missing or not working (i have watched them all bar kai) but they can easily be found elsewere
although i must say that the new episodes are updated on them weekly just after they are aired: although these will only be subtitled

also www.animefreak.tv may be useful to ya's if you wish to watch dragonball kai
(other anime's can be found on animefreak.tv quite easily)

that is all for now. if i find more useful information ill put it up in this thread


2Dragonball Empty Re: Dragonball on Thu May 27, 2010 8:50 pm


i watched kai the other day. its good. less filler makes me happy Smile

3Dragonball Empty Re: Dragonball on Thu May 27, 2010 9:26 pm

mage master

mage master
Gym leader
Gym leader
i like drawn out

gives more to watch and puts in alot more detail Very Happy

Dragonball Xmswzn

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