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Defrauding Fate [LB]

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1Defrauding Fate [LB] Empty Defrauding Fate [LB] on Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:17 am


Defrauding Fate [LB] Adbanner
::Click the picture to head to our home::

Hell. The dystopian kingdom from which all demon originate. Although it may seem like an unruly land with a dangerous leader, it is actually like any other kingdom with a hierarchy. But what happens when demons below the Dark Prince himself decide they'd like to rebel?
This civil war between demons is a frightful and concerning problem. Especially when talented demons such as Sebastian Michaelis are being recruited for it.

Defrauding Fate is a roleplay based on the hit anime: Kuroshitsuji. While watching both seasons AND reading the manga is recommended, it is not required. Staff and members will help you with any questions you may have!
Canon characters and original characters welcome.

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