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Pokemon Black & White news

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1Pokemon Black & White news Empty Pokemon Black & White news Sat May 15, 2010 3:25 am


This is Where all Pokemon Black & White news will be.
Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackWhite3DCity
full sprite of the Pokemon's back.

Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackWhiteZZBattle
I do like that they are now going to have a full sprite of the Pokemon's back. But with that said I have to say that in this picture the back sprite looks kind of choppy, as well as the normal front battle sprite for Zorua. The Zorua sprite looks like it's squashed a bit and I don't think that's because of the picture.
I also must ask WHERE ARE THEY FIGHTING?! The ground they are standing on (ignoring the green and purple circles, for now) looks like they're in a desert with a background of a grayish rectangles which I guess is suppose to represent a city skyline. Going back to the circles, it looks like the green parts of the circle is suppose to be grass possibly with the purple rings probably being an attack. So according to the picture, this battle is taking place a mile or two away from a city in a desert which has two perfectly circular patch of grass.
Now I know what you're thinking. "Aren't you being a bit hard, I mean right now Pokemon battles take place in a strange abyss with the Pokemon's sprites standing on circles of the environment they are in". Now this is true, but the problem lies with the background city skyline which now makes the abyss looks like the actual place you're battling in and not just a "trainer focus zone" where you're just focusing on the battle and not any of the surroundings.
I'll admit I don't like it. Sure in the way battles are now you only see the upper half of your Pokemon's back, but the thing was that it made you feel like you were in the battle right behind your Pokemon making the calls and preparing yourself from the attacks your opponent does. This full back sprite kind of ruins this feeling.

Pokemon Center combining with the Pokemon Mart?
Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackWhiteCenterMart
Pokemon Center combining with the Pokemon Mart? Okay by my book, and is actual a logical decision being a Pokemon Center probably would probably need some kind of funding and in general would like the trainers to be prepares so they wouldn't need to be rushing back to the Pokemon Center (you may or may not have noticed, but in HeartGold & SoulSilver the Pokemon Center nurses no longer say "We hope to see you again!" but instead say "Please, come back again any time!"). And the more "ground view" camera angle really works nicely in buildings.
My main question is whether they'll have the town which has the Department Store will have the Pokemon Center and Department Store be separate buildings. A recent video has shown a city which had a Pokemon Center with several floors above it similar to how the Department Store is, possibly meaning the first floor of the "Department Pokemon Center" would be the Pokemon Center then having the floors above be the usual Department Store (in the other games the first floor only had a useless reception desk anyway).
Though I would like to point out the new "talking bubbles". What's new about them? Well they actually indicate who is talking! So this might mean the end to how the talking bubbles always started out with the speaking character's name as we'll now know who is talking by having the talking bubble point to that character.
blue rocks are FLOATING
Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackWhiteElectricCave
I like how they are staying with the "aerial view" angle for the caves instead of "ground view" like they are doing for buildings and for at least one city.
Though back to the picture, this cave is quite odd. There is blue electricity seemingly sparking off those glowing blue boulders. And not only that, but the smaller blue rocks are FLOATING with a glowing blue circle to mark the spot they are floating over! Can we perfectly walk through this electric cave, even under the floating rocks? If we aren't, does that mean there will be a device or possibly a new HM that'll let us get through here? Does this cave play any significance to the story or maybe to some Pokemon maybe a way to evolve Pokemon like Magneton and Nosepass to Magnezone and Probopass??
Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackWhiteStartingTown
Well the 3D modeling team look to be having fun with the landscape here being how uneven it look. I guess we're suppose to get a feel of a "hill" here but it just doesn't seem to work.

Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackWhiteBridge
I just don't know what to say. You're travelling over a bridge which some genius decided to place over an active bridge for vehicles like this truck we see. But not only that, both bridges look like they have been lifted to the point that anyone on them would be HIGHER UP then the top of buildings! And the city itself looks pretty massive, besides from the five buildings we can clearly see, in the back fog we can see the shapes of many, many other layers of buildings which I'll admit is pretty impressive... if you can travel into it.
Also, what is that on the walking bridge with you? Is that a person with a very big backpack? It actually looks like a back of a small train or vehicle.

Well... this is certainly interesting... THE STARTERS, TRAINERS, AND REGION'S NAME HAS BEEN REVEALED!

Okay, first things first, here are the new Starters. The starters look to be a Grass-type Lizard (possibly a gecko?), a Fire-type Pig (TOLD YOU), and a Water-type... Otter/Beaver? Well anycase, we're still discovering information so more should be revealed as the day goes on. Though above we do get a pic of the new Fire-type Pig attacking the Grass-type Lizard/Gecko.

Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackStartersRevealed
Now for the Trainers, the interesting tibit here is that they are actually older then 10! The girls turns out looking nothing like Dawn though her hair is all over the place
Pokemon Black & White news User373931pic1514091273FEMALE TRAINER! YOU GO TO YOUR ROOM AND YOU PUT ON SOME PANTS! And... are they torn and what's the pocket pouch hanging out?
Anyway, here is what Serebii has up so far:

these are the real names of the starters and their classification (species):

Tsutaja, Grass Snake Pokemon
Pokabu, Fire Pig Pokemon
Mijumaru, Sea Otter Pokemon

Zoroark Ability & Moves:
Here is some new info on Zoroark's Ability and a few of its moves:

* ABILITY: Illusion. It says it allows Zoroark to transform into various Pokemon, though what Pokemon, how, and why isn't yet known.
- Trickery: From what it sounds like, it uses the opponent's stats during attack calculations.
- Claw Sharpen: Raises the user's Attack and Accuracy stats.

Legendary Beast Event:
More information about the Legendary Beast event. As reported awhile ago, during the 13th movie you'll be able to download one of the three Legendary Beasts. Now migrating them to your copy of Black or White (not known if you just need one or all three) will have you battle a Level 25 Zoroark who will use its Illusion Ability to transform into various Pokemon. It'll break its transformation at several points which is the only time you can attempt to catch it.

Successor Of The Poketch:
If you look on the wrists of the trainers you'll see a device why may or may not be the successor of the PokeGear, PokeNav, and Poketch. However I can't really get a good picture. We'll need to wait until Serebii or Bulbapedia (which pointed this out) gets better scans.Well every Generation of Pokemon has a certain formula which they follow up an extent.
Well I decided to gather as much as this formula as I can (along with a few examples) and list them here! Now by far this isn't a complete list, and if I'm missing anything, please feel free to mention it and I'll see if it is indeed part of the formula and if it is I'll add it in. Now without further or do, the formula:

1. There will be at least 100 new Pokemon + a few additional "secret" Pokemon.
2. Evolutions (including Split Evolutions) & Pre-evolutions (Baby) of previous Generation's Pokemon. Rarely does a single Pokemon get both an Evolution & Pre-evolution though it does happen.
3A. There will be several "Legendary" Pokemon. As each Generation goes on, there will be more Legendaries then the previous Generation.

* Generation I: 5
* Generation II: 6
* Generation III: 10
* Generation IV: 14

3B. Two Legendaries will be the mascots of the paired games and they'll be related to each other in someway and only the game's mascot can be caught in that game. When the third game comes out its mascot will be the third member of that previous two and all three will be catchable.

* Generation II: Ho-Oh (Gold) & Lugia (Silver)
* Generation III: Groudon (Ruby) & Kyogre (Sapphire), later Rayquaza (Emerald)
* Generation IV: Dialga (Diamond) & Palkia (Pearl), later Giratina (Platinum)

3C. There will be a trio group of Legendaries who are related to each other in someway (which would be reflected in their groups nickname). They will generally have a master though the master might have come from a later Generation.

* Generation I: Legendary Birds - Articuno, Zapdos, & Moltres; Their master is Lugia
* Generation II: Legendary Beasts - Raikou, Entei, & Suicune; Their master is Ho-Oh
* Generation III: Legendary Golems - Regirock, Regice, & Registeel; Their master is Regigigas
* Generation IV: Lake Guardians - Uxie, Mesprit, & Azelf; Their master is Arceus

3D. There will be "secret" Legendaries that will not be part of the Regional Pokedex and can only be obtained through giveaways and events. These Pokemon will also star in a Pokemon Movie.

* Generation I: Mew
* Generation II: Celebi
* Generation III: Deoxys & Jirachi
* Generation IV: Darkrai, Shaymin, & Deoxys

4. The player will be given a Starter Pokemon by the region's Professor in someway. There will be three Starters and will be at least part Grass-, Fire-, or Water-type and are part of a 3-stage evolution. They and their evolutions are the first Pokemon in the Regional Pokedex. After choosing one your rival will choose the one who has the type advantage against yours (the one which you have a type advantage over may not be chosen or recently taken by the other gender playable character you didn't pick).

* Generation I: Bulbasaur, Charmander, & Squirtle given by Professor Oak (Yellow Version was an exception as the player could only get Electric-type Pikachu while the rival got a Normal-type Eevee)
* Generation II: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, & Totodile given by Professor Elm
* Generation III: Treecko, Torchic, & Mudkip given by Professor Birch
* Generation IV: Turtwig, Chimchar, & Piplup given by Professor Rowan

5. Each region will have a signature "Bird", "Rodent", & "Bug" Pokemon which the player is able to catch early (possibly their first & second Pokemon after their starter). Note the Pokemon mentioned also include their evolutions.

* Generation I: "Birds" are Pidgey & Spearow; "Rodent" is Ratata; "Bugs" are Caterpie & Weedle
* Generation II: "Bird" is Hoothoot; "Rodent" is Sentret; "Bug" is Ledyba
* Generation III: "Bird" is Tailow; "Rodent" is Zigzagoon; "Bug" is Wurmple
* Generation IV: "Bird" is Starly; "Rodent" is Bidoof; "Bug" is Burmy

6. Old common Pokemon (and their evolutions) from Generation I will be in the Regional Pokedex. These Pokemon are Geodude, Abra, Zubat, Machop, Psyduck, Goldeen, Tentacool, Magikarp, and Pikachu (OF COURSE!).
7. The Generation might have Fossil Pokemon and/or new Eeveelutions. For Eeveelutions they are all so far types in the "Special" catagory and only Dragon-type is the last remaining one (though whether it'll stop there or go into the "Physical" catagory is not known but possible).

* Generation I: "Fossils" are Kabuto, Omantye, & Aerodactyl; "Eeveelutions" are Flareon, Jolteon, & Vaporeon
* Generation II: There are no "Fossils", "Eeveelutions" are Umbreon & Espeon
* Generation III: "Fossils" are Anorith & Lileep, there are no "Eeveelutions"
* Generation IV: "Fossils" are Cranidos & Shieldon; "Eeveelutions" are Leafeon & Glaceon

8. There will be a 3-stage Pokemon family at the end of the Regional Pokedex, near where the Legenadaries are, who's final evolution would be considered as a Psuedo Legendary. Many of them are dragon-like or have dragon-like qualities. They must be evolved all the way from there Basic Stage and even then the player has to go a bit out of their way to get it.

* Generation I: Dragonite
* Generation II: Tyranitar
* Generation III: Salamence & Metagross
* Generation IV: Garchomp

9. There will be an Electric-type rodent Pokemon which will resemble Pikachu is certain ways. It may or may not be related to Pikachu (as in evolution/pre-evolution).

* Generation I: Pikachu & Raichu
* Generation II: Pichu
* Generation III: Plusle & Minun
* Generation IV: Pachirisu

1A. The Region the game will take place as well as locations within that Region will be based off a part & locations in Japan mainly (though some places might take inspiriations from other places in the world).

* Kanto is based on the region of the same name and eastern Chubu
* Sevii Islands are based on the Izu Islands and Bonin Islands, two archipelagos off the coast of Tokyo
* Johto is based on Kansai and western Chubu
* Hoenn is based on Kyushu and Okinawa
* Sinnoh is based on Hokkaido and parts of Sakhalin and Kunashir Island

1B. The player will start out in a simple home town. The Routes will be specific only for that Region. One city/town will have a Game Corner, Department Store, One city/HQ for the game's evil syndicate, and/or a Safari Zone.

* Kanto: Hometown is Pallet Town; Routes are 0##; Game Corner, Department Store, & Syndicate HQ located in Celadon City (Game Corner also located on Two Island in Firered/LeafGreen); Safari Zone located in Fuchsia City.
* Johto: Hometown is New Bark Town; Routes are 0## and continue off Kanto's routes; Game Corner & Department Store located in Goldenrod City; Syndicate HQ located in Mahogany Town; Safari Zone located near Cianwood City (HeartGold/SoulSilver)
* Hoenn: Hometown is Littleroot Town; Routes are 1##; Game Corner located in Mauville City & Mossdeep City (Emerald only); Department Store located Lilycove City; Syndicate HQ located in Lilycove City & Jagged Pass (Team Magma only in Emerald); Safari Zone located off Route 121
* Sinnoh: Hometown is Twinleaf Town; Routes are 2##; Game Corner, Department Store, & Syndicate HQ located in Veilstone City (Syndicate HQ also located in Eterna City); Safari Zone (called Great Marsh) located in Pastoria City

2. You can choose to play as either the Male & Female Playable Character. The other gender playable character will play a NPC role, possibly choosing the starter you have an adventage over and becoming a friendly (bot not main) rival. Normally you only have a mother as the only parent figure.
3. You'll have a main rival who would choose the Starter that has the type advantage agianst yours. Throughout the game you'll meet your Rival at several points where they'll challenge you to a battle. Recently you and your rival may Double Battle as partners at one point in the game.
4. The Region will have a Pokemon Professor who would give the player their Starter. In Japan they are Doctors instead of Professors. In Japan they are named after a certian plant-life, in the American version they are named after trees. Each on is an expert in a specific Pokemon field.

* Kanto: Professor Oak/Dr. Okido; Oak tree/Big-tree family; Expertise in Pokemon & Human relationships
* Johto: Professor Elm/Dr. Utsugi; Elm tree/Deutzia shrub; Expertise in Pokemon Breeding & Eggs
* Hoenn: Professor Birch/Dr. Odamaki; Birth tree/Aquilegia flower; Expertise in Pokemon habitats & distribution
* Sinnoh: Professor Rowan/Dr. Nanakamado; both named after the Rowan tree; Expertise in Pokemon Evolution

5. There will be an evil syndicate trying to accomplish a malicious goal which the player has to stop. The syndicate will be comprised of Grunts, Elites, and the Boss. While Grunts and Admins will be battled at several points in the game, the Boss will normally only be battled one at the near end of the game.

* Kanto: Team Rocket; There goal is to steal rare and power Pokemon; Executives (Elites) aren't named; Boss is Giovanni
* Johto: (Neo) Team Rocket; There goal is to reform Team Rocket; Executvies are Proton, Petrel, Arianna, & Archer; Archer is also serving as the Boss.
* Hoenn: Team Aqua; There goal is to expand the oceans and seas; Admins (Elites) are Matt & Shelly; Boss is Archie
* Hoenn: Team Magma; There goal is to expand the landmass; Admins (Elites) are Courtney & Tabitha; Boss is Maxie
* Sinnoh: Team Galactic; There goal is to create a new universe; Commanders (Elites) are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, & Charon; Boss is Cyrus

6. There is going to be eight Gyms which the player have to defeat in a certain order to battle the Elite Four & Champion. After the first Gym they'll have puzzles the player will need to solve to get through, battling trainers along the way. Each Gym will be of a different type and have a Gym Leader who once defeated will give that Gym's Badge. Each badge enables a HM, highest level of Pokemon to obey you, and a certain stat. You normally can't challenge the last gym until you have defeated the Region's evil syndicate.

* http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Gym_Leader
* http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Badge

7. After you have gotten the eight Gym Badges, you can challenge the Elite Four who you will have to battle consecutively with no healing at a Pokemon Center or buying items at the PokeMart (though you can used items on your Pokemon you brought with you inbetween battles). The Elite Four will have types that no Gym Leaders had for that Region. After defeating the Elite Four you can challenge the Champion who may or may not specialize in a single type (and if they do it could be of a type a previous Gym Leader had).

* http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Elite_Four

8. Recently in the third games, a Battle Frontier is added. A Battle Frontier is made up of a number of Battle Facilities which follow their own set of rules. After a certain amount of winning streaks, you may challenge the Frontier Brain. If you win against the Frontier Brain you'll get that Battle Facilities equivalent of a Gym Badge which there a two different versions of. The Battle Tower is included into the Battle Frontier and is considered the "leader" of the Battle Frontier.

* http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Battle_Frontier_%28Generation_III%29
* http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Symbol
* http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Battle_Frontier_%28Generation_IV%29
* http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Commemorative_print
* http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Frontier_Brain

1. Each route, city/town, and importent storyline buildings have their own music. otherwise caves & buildings both respectively can have a shared theme. All Pokemon Centers and Poke Marks have a respective theme they all share. Water Routes do not play any music but rather have the Surfing theme as their background music.
2. Riding the bike or using Surf to go surfing have their own themes. However if you enter another route, city/town, or cave the music will change to that place theme and to get the bike music back you must get off and then back onto your bike. While you're surfing the theme will last as long as you surf, but once you get off the music will change back to the theme that would be playing otherwise.
3A. There is a specific battle theme for Wild Pokemon, Trainers, Gym Leaders, Elite Four Members (though it could be a remix of the Gym Leader music), Champion, and Frontier Brains. The Region's Syndicate gets 3 themes, one for Grunts, another for Elites (though it could be a remix of the Grunt theme), and the Boss.
3B. Each trainer type will have its own "Encounter" theme which plays upon noticing you and giving a line ot text before you begin the battle. These "Encounter" themes can extend to other characters as long as these themes only play when that character is talking or interacting with the player (they don't have to battle the player).
4. Legendary Pokemon get themes judging by their role in the game. Mascot of the pair games get their own theme, third version mascot could either share the pair mascot's theme or get on of its own, the Trio group gets their own theme (sometimes each member has a slightly different styIe to this theme), certain Event Pokemon (usually the "secret" Legendaries) have their own themes, and all other Legendaries get an "extra" Legendary theme. A few Legendaries have the normal Wild Pokemon Battle music play.
5. A theme may play for certain events if they are storyline related or meant to help the player in someway.

1A. First two versions will be released as a pair. A year or so later a third version with additional features and storyline of the paired versions is then released. Recently remakes of paired version that came two Generation previously have been being released, either before or after the third version.

* Generation I: Paired Versions are Red & Blue, Third Version is Yellow (In Japan it was Red & Green, Third Version was Blue, and Yellow Version was an Anime-based Version)
* Generation II: Paired Versions are Gold & Silver, Third Version is Crystal
* Generation III: Paired Versions are Ruby & Sapphire, Third Version is Emerald, Remakes are FireRed & LeafGreen
* Generation IV: Paired Versions are Diamond & Pearl, Third Version is Platinum, Remakes are HeartGold & SoulSilever

1B. The Paired Versions will have version exclusives which each game will have a set of Pokemon the other version doesn't. The Third Version would have Version Exclusives that you could have only gotten from one of the Paired Versions, but in return not have a Pokemon which you can get in both the Paired Versions.
2. New Mechanics are introduced each generation which in the most part stay and continue into future Generations.

* Generation I: In Pokemon Yellow, there was the Happiness "stat" and Pikachu followed the player wherever they went.
* Generation II: Genders, Breeding, Eggs, Time Events, new types (Dark & Steel), Pokeballs that can made with Apricorns, Shiny Pokemon, Hold Items, the Pokerus, IVs, Split Evolutions, Evolution through Happiness, Evolutions based on highest stat, Evoltuions from holding a certain item at a certain time/while being traded. In Crystal it gave the player the choice to play as a girl and had the first ever animated sprites.
* Generation III: Abilities, Natures, Personality Value, Pokemon Contests, Weather Conditions, Double Battles, Communication with the e-Reader, Secret Bases, Evolution based on Personality Value, Evolution by maxing out a Contest Condition, Evolution by having an empty slot, Overhaul of data structures such as IVs, Shiny Pokemon, Berries, and PC usage. FireRed & LeafGreen allowed Wireless communication. Emerald added Tag Battles and the Battle Frontier.
* Generation IV: Return of the Time system, 3D rendering, Attacks are split as Physical or Special based on the move and not type, Super Pokemon Contests, Sinnoh Underground, Gender Sprite Differences, Evoluton from knowing certain moves, Evolution from being in a certain location, Needing a certian other Pokemon for evolution, Evolution based on gender. Platinum gave you the ability to record battles. HeartGold & SoulSilver brought back the Apricorns, introduced the Pokeathlon, and the first Pokemon in the player's party follows them like Pikachu in Yellow Version.

3A. Each Region's Pokedex should be modelled after the handheld it's intended to be released on. They first start out with only having the Regional Dex, but after having seen all the Pokemon on the Regional Dex and defeating the Elite Four & Champion you'll be able to upgrade it to the National Dex.

* Generation I: Kanto Pokedex looks like a Game Boy
* Generation II: Johto Pokedex looks like a Game Boy Color
* Generation III: Hoenn Pokedex looks like a Game Boy Advance; Kanto Pokedex looks like Game Boy Advance SP
* Generation IV: Sinnoh Pokedex looks like a Nintendo DS Lite; Johto Pokedex looks like a Nintendo DSi

3B. In addition with the Pokedex, the player will also recieve a device that'll do additional functions which the Pokedex can't. A common function in all of them is a Map. While it comes with a few Functions, many other Functions and upgrades must be required in another way.

* Johto: Poke Gear; Functions are Time, Map, Phone, & Radio
* Hoenn: Poke Nav; Functions are Map, Conditions, Trainer's Eyes/Match Call, & Ribbons
* Sinnoh: Poketch; Functions are Digital Watch, Calculator, Memo Pad, Pedometer, Pokemon List, Friendship Checker, Dowsing Machine, Berry Searcher, Day Care Checker, Pokemon History, Counter, Analog Watch, Marking Map, Link Searcher, Coin Flip, Move Tester, Calendar, Dot Artist, Roulette, Trainer Counter, Kitchen Timer, Color Changer, Matchup Checker, Stopwatch, & Alarm Clock

4A. Unless a major data restructuring is done, games must be somewhat compatiable with the previous Generation to transfer Pokemon to the newer game.

* Generation II was compatible with Generation I
* Due to the major data restructure, Generation III and future games are not compatible with Generation I and Generation II games.
* Generation IV is compatible with Generation III

4B. The Third Version must be completely compatible with its Paired Games, allowing battles to take place. Therefore any necessary changes needed to be done to the Third Version to allow this may be done but once the battle is over it is to be changed back to how it was.

* Generation II: Crystal players who was playing as the girl playable character had to "change clothes" if they were battling someone with a Gold or Silver Version.
* Generation IV: Alternate Formes of Giratina and Shaymin in Platinum were changed to look like their "normal" sprites when battling someone with a Diamond or Pearl Version, but they still had the Stats and Ability of the Alternate Forme

5. Mainly two games are to be released on the Consoles: A 3D battling game & a storage box "game". In addition to being able to transfer Pokemon over to these games, there are Pokemon in these games that can be won as prizes or gifts and transferred into your game.

* Generation I: 3D Battler is Pokemon Stadium
* Generation II: 3D Battler is Pokemon Stadium II
* Generation III: 3D Battler are Pokemon Colosseum & Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness; Storage Box is Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire
* Generation IV: 3D Battler is Battle Revolution; Storage Box is Pokemon Ranch

6. Recently there have been two side games being released on the handhelds: Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. These games have no connection with the main series games at all, but the Pokemon Ranger series do have Pokemon that you obtain from a special mission you can transfer to the main series games.

* Generation III: Pokemon Ranger & Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red & Blue Rescue Team
* Generation IV: Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia & Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky

1A. In the anime Ash will first go to the new Region with only Pikachu. Recently he'll be meeting up with Brock again somehow as well as that region's playable girl character. While Ash competes in battles the girl playable character will compete in Pokemon Contests. Team Rocket (Jessie, James, & Meowth) will also follow Ash to the new region.

* Generation III: May
* Generation IV: Dawn

1A. When the Third Version & Remakes are released the anime will include features (and Pokemon) that are in these games. Most notably Ash will probably challenge the Generations Battle Frontier once he is done battling in that Region's League.
2A. Before a new Generation is released, a Pokemon Movie will prominently feature the a new Pokemon from that Generation. It does not have to be a movie right before the releasing of the new Generation.

* Generation I:
- Pokemon the First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back: Donphan
- Pokemon the Movie 2000 - The Power of One: Lugia & Slowking
* Generation II:
- Pokemon Heroes - Latios & Latias
* Generation III:
- Destiny Deoxys: Munchlax
- Lucario and the Mystery of Mew: Lucario, Bonsly, & Weavile
- Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea: Manaphy, Buizel, & Chatot

2B. In addition to this, several new Generation Pokemon may debut in Pikachu Shorts.

* Generation I:
- Pikachu's Vacation: Marill & Snubble
- Pikachu's Rescue Adventure: Ledyba, Elekid, Bellossom, & Hoothoot
* Generation II:
- Pikachu's PikaBoo: Wailmer
- Camp Pikachu: Duskull

2C. The anime may also introduce new Generation Pokemon.

* Generation I: Ho-Oh & Togepi
* Generation II: Kecleon

3. The Pokemon Special Manga will base a new manga off the new region, naming the main characters after the games "title". When the Third Version comes out they may create a new character to have that Versions "title" as a name or they might have kept a character's name secret to be named that Version's "title" later. When the remakes are made they will go back to that region as well as the characters which were in that region.
This will give you a feel of what to expect from POKEMON Black and POKEMON White.

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Pokemon Black & White news 300px-Six_Paths_of_PainNo-one could understand true peace unless they understand "true" pain

2Pokemon Black & White news Empty Re: Pokemon Black & White news Sat May 22, 2010 9:05 am


Gym leader
Gym leader
The new region will be called Isshu. The main playable characters will be older now.
The magazine also revealed Zorua and Zoroark's ability Illusion. This ability allows them transform to any Pokemon, but not only that but could change into the transformed Pokemon's name.
It also revealed how to obtain Zoroark. You have to transfer the Movie 13 pre-order event Pokemon Entei, Raikou, and/or Suicune to Black and White which you will activate the Zoroark event and will be able to capture at Lv 25.
Two new moves were also announced which are, Trickery damage output which depends on your opponenet status and Claw Sharpen which raises the user's Attack and Accuracy status.
Hiun City is Isshu's central city.
from projectpokemon go http://projectpokemon.org/ to see some awesome pics

3Pokemon Black & White news Empty Re: Pokemon Black & White news Sat May 22, 2010 9:05 pm


I hereby declare Hiun city to be You-Spin-Me-Round-Round City. And it just so happens to probably be based on San Francisco.

A City Of Clones:
What better way to start then reveal the first city of the Isshu region: Hiun City! And as you can guess, this was actually the first city we saw in-game footage on (the city that spins). Like the city it has multiple sections so we'll go over each one:

Marketplace: ... Is this the home to the original Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny? Seriously, I know they are limited to what NPC models they could use but I count 7 of the same females (brown hair wearing pink overalls) and 5 of the same males (brown hair, wearing suit, carrying briefcase)... at least do palette swaps! Hm, maybe this is why they never did a full blown city before. Anyway nothing looks too special about it, though I swear if that's a line I see and they expect me to actually wait on it... bit it is for ice cream...
Outskirts: Nothing we haven't seen before. Image too small to see if they improved the spinning feature.
Back Alley: Why do I sense we're going to have to go through a back alley chase or go dumpster diving?
Harbor: Nothing much to say here, though I wonder whether we'll be using it right away or have to wait to use it (though being Hiun City is surrounded by water on all sides except for a bridge and this boat I think it might come important sooner with a use also for later.

Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackWhiteHiunCity
(After freaking out from seeing all the cloned people, running around the city due to the spinning function breaking and wouldn't stop spinning, and being jumped and stuffed in garbage bins in the alleys, he decided he had enough of this time.)

Looking At The Journey Ahead:
Known as "Sky Arrow Bridge", this bridge connects Hiun City to another yet-named city. I have to say though the graphics have gotten MUCH better then the original pics. Everything is much smoother and less choppy. As for the pic itself, I wonder whether this is an in-game "cover graphic" (as what you're looking at is a 3D picture and the bridge you "see" isn't the bridge that you cross) or if you're actually able to cross the actual bridge as it's all on one map. But either way, I think I know what he is thinking...

Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackWhiteLookingAtBridge(... DO I HAVE TO CROSS THAT? IT'LL TAKE ME AN ENTIRE DAY!)

A Mother & Son... Battle:
Now this is looking like what I would consider how a battle should look! The Pokemon's back is right in front of you making it feel like you're in the battle. Of course now that the sprite is of the whole entire Pokemon and just not a portion the back sprites had suffered from this a bit. I think I know what they might be trying to do now but I'll discuss this further below with the starters battling each other. Oh, and the shadows are looking great!

Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackWhiteBetterZZBattle

Don't Pretend To Be A Legend:

Well here is the pics for the Legendary Beast event. Upon transferring the Legendary Beast you got from the 13th over to Pokemon Black or White it'll activate an event where you battle a Level 25 Zoroark with who Ability Illusion can change it into the Legendary Beast. Apparently Zoroark cannot be caught unless it's not disguised as one of the Legendary Beasts which you can do by attacking him. Further knowledge of ho the attack works is not known, but what is known that Zoroark does not change type so it's always a Dark-type, don't be fooled!
But there is also something I noticed here. If you look carefully, you'll notice that it looks like Raikou has 2 idle sprites. While in most of the pics it's standing upright on all four legs, in the top right one it's bending down. Does this mean Pokemon now go through a short idle animation while waiting for orders? Could they now move before doing an attack? No way to know until we see an actual battle in a video.
Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackWhiteBeastTrioEvent

Those First Rival Battles Are Always The Most Annoying:

And finally here are our new stars doing a super effective attack against the other. Now like I said above, after looking through the pics I think this is how the battles now go: While your Pokemon is waiting for its orders or when doing an attack you see it from how you ordinary would see it, close up from the back. But when your opponent attacks you sometimes get a "further back view" as if you're moving away from the damage. Now I don't know if this is what they are planning as this "further back view" isn't happening with all the attacks the opponent is doing, so it might depend on how "big" the attacking animation is.

Pokemon Black & White news PokeBlackWhiteStarterFight

Pokemon Black & White news 300px-Six_Paths_of_PainNo-one could understand true peace unless they understand "true" pain

4Pokemon Black & White news Empty good use of the site Sun May 23, 2010 6:18 pm


Gym leader
Gym leader
thanks shadow for putting some of the stuff i couldnt put on there when i was posting like the pics Very Happy

5Pokemon Black & White news Empty Re: Pokemon Black & White news Tue May 25, 2010 6:01 am


battlemasterx5000 wrote:thanks shadow for putting some of the stuff i couldnt put on there when i was posting like the pics Very Happy
no prob smiley-char150

Pokemon Black & White news 300px-Six_Paths_of_PainNo-one could understand true peace unless they understand "true" pain

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Pokemon Black & White news Reshiramzekrom
and here we have RESHIRAM AND ZEKROM!

Anyway Reshiram and Zekrom are the official names for Japan, United States (English & Spanish), and Germany ... unfortunately the two versions are being kept as Black & White).

Now let's take a closer look at each on individually, first the mascot of Pokemon Black:

Pokemon Black & White news Reshiram
What? Oh, you were expecting the Black Legendary for Black Version? Don't be silly, that would be a dumb idea. So yay, they pulled a Latios & Latias again by switching the colors. I'm not to sure what Reshiram (or Zekrom) are based on other then "a dragon". Actually, being its arms and wings are connected, Reshiram is more like a Wyvern (which is a winged serpent who's front legs are either gone/combined with its wings). However its feathery look relates to birds, possibly a swan being both are white. And the face too doesn't exactly looks like a dragon but more like a dog, similar to the Legendary Beasts (Raikou, Entei, & Suicune). The wispy head crest and tail gives it a ghostly appearance much like Darkrai (despite Darkrai being a pure Dark-type, I think the only reason it didn't get the Ghost-type is because a Legendary Pokemon without a weakness is too strong). Though the most oddest thing about it is where the tail meets the body, it looks like a turbine of a jet almost (with the wispy tail giving it an appearance of the "turbine" cooling off). If I were to make an assumption, I would say this Pokemon is probably very fast. With its ghost-like appearance (along with those "holy rings" around its neck, hands, and "engine") I'm going to say it's at least half Ghost-type, with maybe a second type of either Flying- or possibly Steel-type (the only reason I'm staying away from Dragon-type is because we already have a Dragon/Ghost-type in Giratina).
Pokemon Black & White news Zekrom
Pokemon White (the version I'm getting if you're wondering) gets this rather dark Legendary named Zekrom. Unlike Reshiram, Zekrom is definitely modeled after a typical dragon. With that said there is nothing much else to say about Zekrom body wise, so let's get into specifics. Those hands are rather interesting with those... fins?... attached to the end. Actually those fins look so similar to its wings I wouldn't be surprised if they were meant to look like a second pair of wings. The face definitely screams dragon unlike Reshiram. Also the body is very streamline, and the way is glistens is like it's made of steel. Last thing I want to point out is, once again, the tail, which looks like a turbine though more closed off then Reshiram and therefore giving it a propeller turbine look. If I had to guess the type, it's at least part Dark-type either combined with Steel-type or Dragon-type.

So, what importance do these two have with Isshu? What does the region's syndicate either want with or from these two? We'll just have ot wait and see...


7Pokemon Black & White news Empty Re: Pokemon Black & White news Fri May 28, 2010 6:21 pm

mage master

mage master
Gym leader
Gym leader
these are unusual but i quite like how they are drawn

now Reshiram - i want to say dragon but ill stay away from it Laughing . although let me see... id say that it is ghost and flying or psychic and flying

Zekrom - as im straying away from dragon for Reshiram ill do the same here. im going to go for dark and flying.

id definately say that they are to be flying types at least as Reshiram kinda reminds me on lugia. but Zekrom remindes me on charizard, both of which are part flying Wink

Pokemon Black & White news Xmswzn

8Pokemon Black & White news Empty pokemon black and white Fri May 28, 2010 7:48 pm


Gym leader
Gym leader
so far 7 pokemons have been shown for the region isshu they all look great and their powers are also good like abilities and stuff but some moves i dont know yet

9Pokemon Black & White news Empty 3 new starters Fri May 28, 2010 7:50 pm


Gym leader
Gym leader
im going to review all three starters even though i have low info

10Pokemon Black & White news Empty tsutaja Fri May 28, 2010 7:57 pm


Gym leader
Gym leader
tsutaja a grass snake pokemon with the abilty overgrow and height of it is 0.6m and weights 8.1kg

11Pokemon Black & White news Empty pokabu Fri May 28, 2010 8:01 pm


Gym leader
Gym leader
pokabu is a fire pig pokemon it has the ability blaze its 0.6 m and 9.9kg

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12Pokemon Black & White news Empty mijumaru Fri May 28, 2010 8:04 pm


Gym leader
Gym leader
mijumaru is the sea otter pokemon with torrent as an ability it's 5.9kg and 0.5m

13Pokemon Black & White news Empty zorarak Fri May 28, 2010 8:08 pm


Gym leader
Gym leader
who wants to know the one who made zororak cuz i know him

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When is this game coming out?

Insanity, my only means of relaxation.

15Pokemon Black & White news Empty Re: Pokemon Black & White news Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:12 pm

mage master

mage master
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Gym leader
not sure. soon id say though for they have started dubbing the episodes this week. and thers only 17 episodes of the japanese anime to Shocked

Pokemon Black & White news Xmswzn

16Pokemon Black & White news Empty Re: Pokemon Black & White news Fri Feb 18, 2011 8:10 pm


well it looks like a dramatic change in the pokemon games. i wonder if it can play on the 3ds?

Insanity, my only means of relaxation.

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